Statistical Tracking of a Basketball Held Ball
Registrar un Balón Retenido en Baloncesto

Basketball Statistics Tracking Referred Questions:
About the Statistical Tracking of a Basketball Held Ball...

Basketball Tracking Stats Referred Questions
"... Which is the statistical register when a defender forces an offensive player into a held ball ( also known as 'jump ball' ) situation ? ..."

If your team loses possession of the ball as the result of a held ball, a ball turnover must be charged.

The turnover is charged to the person who last has possession of the ball.

We have a turnover when your team has the ball, and you lose it to the other team.

A turnover can come in the form of a stolen pass, a pass that you throw out of bounds, it can be where they steal the ball away from your dribbler, it can be where you have a player stand in the paint for over three seconds, etc., etc, etc.

When the turnover does occurs or when a bad shot is forced during an ON BALL screen situation, that's means there is a direct influence of an opponent action: the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System refers to it as a FORCED TURNOVER.

When the turnover does occur WITHOUT any opponent influence or interference: ......

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