Incorporating help defense within your closeout drills allows you to work on multiple things at once. Coach Muller shows a drill that incorporates help defense, closing out to the gaps within the first passing lane, and on-ball defense. After your players work on their footwork and proper closeout technique, they will progress and incorporate live game play.
This drill allows to instill baseline out of bounds situations. You can also adjust the drill to force the ball to the sideline, middle, or baseline. More Info & Videos! (August 19th, 2019)


Statistical Tracking of a Basketball Held Ball
Registrar un Balón Retenido en Baloncesto

Basketball Statistics Tracking Referred Questions:
About the Statistical Tracking of a Basketball Held Ball...

Basketball Tracking Stats Referred Questions
"... Which is the statistical register when a defender forces an offensive player into a held ball ( also known as 'jump ball' ) situation ? ..."

If your team loses possession of the ball as the result of a held ball, a ball turnover must be charged.

The turnover is charged to the person who last has possession of the ball.

We have a turnover when your team has the ball, and you lose it to the other team.

A turnover can come in the form of a stolen pass, a pass that you throw out of bounds, it can be where they steal the ball away from your dribbler, it can be where you have a player stand in the paint for over three seconds, etc., etc, etc.

When the turnover does occurs or when a bad shot is forced during an ON BALL screen situation, that's means there is a direct influence of an opponent action: the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System refers to it as a FORCED TURNOVER.

When the turnover does occur WITHOUT any opponent influence or interference: ......

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