The Basketball Advanced Statistics
May Tell Us the Whole Story

• Potenciar Nuestra Comprensión de los Aspectos del Juego
• To Boost our Apprehension of the Aspects of the Game !

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Un aporte de Daniel.G.Diaz al 'Debate sobre las Estadísticas Avanzadas'!
Estadísticas de Avanzada del Baloncesto O / Y / CON
las Estadísticas Convencionales del Baloncesto ... ESA es la cuestión!

A todos los que critican a la estadísticas de avanzada del baloncesto, porque sostienen que ellas basan el éxito del equipo a circunstancias que no tienen mucho que ver con el juego del baloncesto, nosotros deberíamos alternativamente centrarnos en el análisis de lo que sabemos.

En lugar de limitarse a tomar el camino más fácil y llamando a cada cosa abstrusas, debemos potenciar nuestra comprensión de los muchos pequeños aspectos del juego.

Dispositivos tales como las estadísticas son cada vez más avanzados y están mejorando cada vez más en el destaque de las pequeñas cosas, y con el tiempo podrán ser capaz de contarnos la totalidad de la historia !

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A lot of the action in MSU basketball games this season is happening around the rim, which is mostly a good thing! In this Image by KJfromtheDeck  from Rimshots presented by eBA Stats Basketball Statistics Analysis .
A lot of the action in MSU basketball games this season
is happening around the rim, which is mostly a good thing

I would argue that the most remarkable finding to emerge from the advanced basketball statistics movement is that two-point jumpers are very, very good for the defense and very, very bad for the offense:
College basketball players convert 2-point jumpers at a lower percentage than 3-point jumpers, even though the 2-pointers are, you know, worth fewer points. All things being equal, a good offense will find ways to take more shots near the rim or beyond the arc and avoid shots in middle, with the converse being true for a good defense.
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A contribution by Daniel G. Diaz to the 'Advanced Basketball Stats Debate'!
Basketball Advanced Statistics OR / AND / WITH
Basketball Conventional Statistics... THAT is the question !

To all of those criticizing the basketball advanced stats, on behalf of alleging team success to circumstances that don’t have much to do with the game of basketball, we should alternatively concentrate on analyzing what we do know.

Instead of just taking the easy way and calling every thing abstruses, we should boost our apprehension of the many little aspects of the game.

Devices such as statistics are becoming more advanced and better at getting up on the little things, and in time they may be able to tell us a whole story !

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