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Downward Flight Ball Interference

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Keeping Stats ~ Downward Flight Ball Interference

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... After a shot for a goal by A1, the ball is in the air when it is touched in its upward flight by B2 ( or A2 ).

In its downward flight to the basket the ball is touched by B3 ( or by A3 ).

Which is the game rule and the statistical register IN EACH CASE according to the eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis ? ...

Rule Fundamental= If, after a field goal attempt, a player touches the ball while it is in its upward flight , all restrictions related to goal tending and interference shall apply.

Game Rule= The contact of B2 ( or A2 ) with the ball in its upward flight is legal and does not change the status of a shot for a goal . However, the subsequent contact with the ball in its downward flight by A3 or B3 is a violation .

Syracuse's Baye Keita bocks the shot of West Virginia's Deniz Kilicli in the final seconds of the game at the Carrier Dome. In this Photograph from presented by eBA Stats Basketball Statistics Analysis Photograph:

eBA Statistical Tracking= ......

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