Incorporating help defense within your closeout drills allows you to work on multiple things at once. Coach Muller shows a drill that incorporates help defense, closing out to the gaps within the first passing lane, and on-ball defense. After your players work on their footwork and proper closeout technique, they will progress and incorporate live game play.
This drill allows to instill baseline out of bounds situations. You can also adjust the drill to force the ball to the sideline, middle, or baseline. More Info & Videos! (August 19th, 2019)


"Alley Drill" Competitive 1-on-1 Drill
"El Callejon" Ejercicio 1-vs-1 en Baloncesto!

Basketball Training Courses & Videos
"Alley Drill" Competitive 1-on-1 Basketball Drill for Defense!
NEW TRAINING VIDEO by T.J. Otzelberger!

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with T.J. Otzelberger,
South Dakota State University Head Coach;
2018 Summit League Coach of the Year;
2018 Summit League Regular Season Champions;
Former Assistant Coach at Iowa State University
and the University of Washington

• About this New Training Video
In this training video Coach Otzelberger, shows how to build 1-on-1 defense, the Alley Drill pushes players to their limits. In this competitive drill, each team sends their athletes through the "alley." Defensive players work to keep their opponent in front of them in the lane line alley. They have to use good angles to cut off offensive players and force them to turn.

Coach Otzleberger demonstrates how to build a defensive philosophy from the ground up to ensure your team uses constant ball pressure and always active hands.

"Alley Drill" Competitive 1-on-1 Basketball Drill for Defense!

Cursos & Vídeos de Entrenamiento del Baloncesto
"Alley Drill" Ejercicio Competitivo 1-vs-1 para la Defensa!

con T.J. Otzelberger,
Entrenador Principal del South Dakota State University
Entrenador del Año 2018 Summit League;
Campeones 2018 Summit League Regular Season;
Anteriormenmte Assistant Coach del Iowa State University
y de la University of Washington

• Sobre este Nuevo Video de Entrenamiento
En este video de entrenamiento, el Entrenador Otzelberger, muestra cómo construir una defensa 1 contra 1, el Alley Drill lleva a los jugadores a sus límites. En este ejercicio competitivo, cada equipo envía a sus atletas a través del "callejón". Los jugadores defensivos trabajan para mantener a su oponente frente a ellos en el callejón del carril. Tienen que usar buenos ángulos para cortar a los jugadores ofensivos y forzarlos a girar.

El entrenador Otzleberger demuestra cómo construir una filosofía defensiva desde cero para garantizar que su equipo utilice una presión constante sobre el balón con sus manos siempre activas.

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