Efficiency in Possession Start Cases
Eficiencia en el Inicio de la Posesión

Weekly Reflexions on Basketball Statistics:
About the Efficiency in Different Basketball Possession Start Cases

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Basketball Statistician's Sunday's Reflexions
In the eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis System there is a study on the average offensive efficiency in different possession start cases. Is was made by Prof. using data from play-by-plays of 2000 games of the Euroleague from 1988.

The research was presented in the still finished eBA Basketball Statistics Clinics, and give us, among a lot of other analysis elements, the order of the starting of the possessions ordered from highest to lowest offensive efficiency:

01 - Steal,

02 - Offensive Rebound after 2p FG missed,

03 - Offensive Rebound after 3p FG missed,

04 - Defensive Rebound after 2p FG missed,

05 - Opponent non-steal turnover,

06 - Defensive Rebound after 3p FG missed,

07 - FT made,

08 - 2p FG made,

09 - 3p FG made,

10 - Start of quarter,

11 - Defensive Rebound after FT missed.

Kansas University freshman Chase Buford calls timeout as he falls out of bounds late in the game against Louisiana-Monroe. Photograph: KU Sports

Tom Izzo and Coachtube

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