Discussing Larry Bird vs Dirk Nowitzki
in a podcast: MAD ?

• The AS places Dirk Nowitzki over Larry Bird ? CRAZY ?
• EA ubican a Nowitzki por sobre Bird ? LOCURA ?

A contribution by Jorge Dunwhilly to the 'Advanced Basketball Stats Debate'!
Basketball Advanced Statistics OR / AND / WITH
Basketball Conventional Statistics... THAT is the question !

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The advanced stats circus is going on.... Bill Simmons and BS Report HoF guest Chuck Klosterman are discussing Larry Bird vs. Dirk Nowitzki in a podcast. Simmons says that the advanced stats place Dirk in the same category as Bird, perhaps even giving Dirk the edge, and he's not sure how he feels about this. It is simply CRAZY !

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Louis C. SierraJune commented: "... The metrics that have been devised thus far bring us closer than ever to truly accurate evaluation, but in many ways they fall victim to the same problematic roadblocks that limited statistics past. Expansion of the available data set has opened the door for all kinds of new and exciting analytics, but it still feels as if we could come to some interesting conclusions by simply altering our aim.

One possibility: What if basketball analytics could, rather than merely provide a statistical evaluation of player or team performance, help to define a player’s position ? Evaluation will always be the highest goal of the analytic community, but within the spreadsheets of the brightest analysts also lies the exciting theoretical potential to redefine the entire scheme of basketball positions. ..."

Un aporte de Jorge Dunwhilly al 'Debate sobre las Estadísticas Avanzadas'!
Estadísticas de Avanzada del Baloncesto O / Y / CON
las Estadísticas Convencionales del Baloncesto ... ESA es la cuestión!

El circo de las estadísticas de avanzada sigue andando.... Bill Simmons y el invitado al BS Report HoF Chuck Klosterman están discutiendo Larry Bird vs. Dirk Nowitzki en una sección del programa. Simmons dice que las estadísticas de avanzada ubican a Dirk en la misma categoría que Bird, inclusive dando a Dirk un pequeño margen the ventaja, y no está seguro de cómo él se siente sobre esto. Esto es simplemente una LOCURA !

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