Basketball Block Shot Analysis
Estadísticas del Bloqueo en Baloncesto

Basketball Block Shot Analysis & Statistics Tracking:
With or Without Ball Control is the Question!

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The answer was: A1 goes up for a shot under the basket and the defensive player B2 knocks the ball in the hands of the shooter while they are both in the air, and there is no case of foul. A1 then let the ball fall to the ground before landing back on the court, gathers the ball up and makes a basket.

What is the call for the game and the statistical tracking in case of turnover?

By definition (see our eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis Encyclopedia ) a blocked shot occurs when a defensive player successfully and legally deflects a shot from an offensive player by touching and rejecting the ball on its way to the basket, and before it has reached its highest point, in order to prevent from a field goal.

Opponents' field goal percentage vary widely depending on which interior defender is close to the basket. Milwaukee's Larry Sanders is one of the most effective interior defenders in the league: opponents struggle to score when he is near the basket. This not the case with Boston Celtics' David Lee: when he is close to the basket, opponents score at very high efficiencies. (Click on the picture to read the full article by Adam E. Gallagher from  Tropics of Meta). In this Image: by Adam E. Gallagher from  Tropics of Meta presented by eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis Group.
Interior Basketball Defense Analitics for the NBA
Image: by Adam E. Gallagher from Tropics of Meta

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