Incorporating help defense within your closeout drills allows you to work on multiple things at once. Coach Muller shows a drill that incorporates help defense, closing out to the gaps within the first passing lane, and on-ball defense. After your players work on their footwork and proper closeout technique, they will progress and incorporate live game play.
This drill allows to instill baseline out of bounds situations. You can also adjust the drill to force the ball to the sideline, middle, or baseline. More Info & Videos! (August 19th, 2019)


Luka Doncic: The Future Is Now
Luka Doncic: El Futuro es Ahora

• Luka Doncic: The Future Is Now

The teenage star of mighty Real Madrid is a serious candidate to become the youngest EuroLeague MVP ever. Watch just now the full video (26 Min.), when you can follow his rise from a humble outdoor court in his hometown of Ljubljana to his current battles for EuroLeague supremacy in "Luka Doncic: The Future Is Now" here:

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• Luka Doncic: El Futuro es Ahora
La estrella adolescente del poderoso Real Madrid es un serio candidato para convertirse en el Jugador Más Valioso de la EuroLeague. Mire , puedes ver justamente ahoram con subtítulos en Español (26 Min.), y seguir su ascenso desde una humilde cancha al aire libre en su ciudad natal de Ljubljana hasta sus actuales batallas por la supremacía de la EuroLeague en "Luka Doncic: The Future Is Now",, puulsando aquí:

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Oscar Wegner and Coachtube

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