Incorporating help defense within your closeout drills allows you to work on multiple things at once. Coach Muller shows a drill that incorporates help defense, closing out to the gaps within the first passing lane, and on-ball defense. After your players work on their footwork and proper closeout technique, they will progress and incorporate live game play.
This drill allows to instill baseline out of bounds situations. You can also adjust the drill to force the ball to the sideline, middle, or baseline. More Info & Videos! (August 19th, 2019)

Phil Jackson: Step by Step ...
Phil Jackson: Paso a Paso ...

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"... Forced or unforced it's depend upon the situation: so every TO may be forced or unforced. It's depend upon the eBA answer too.... no? ..."

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Phil Jackson: Step by Step ... In this image presented by eBA Stats Group  Basketball Statistics Analysis

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"... Forzada o no forzada depende de la situación: por ello todo BP puede ser forzado o no forzado. Esto depende también de la respuesta de la eBA....
no? ..."

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