Incorporating help defense within your closeout drills allows you to work on multiple things at once. Coach Muller shows a drill that incorporates help defense, closing out to the gaps within the first passing lane, and on-ball defense. After your players work on their footwork and proper closeout technique, they will progress and incorporate live game play.
This drill allows to instill baseline out of bounds situations. You can also adjust the drill to force the ball to the sideline, middle, or baseline. More Info & Videos! (August 19th, 2019)


'CSKA Moscow Horns Offense'
'Ataque en Cuernos del CSKA Moscow'

'CSKA Moscow Horns Offense'
to seek a 3pt shoot at the point

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'Ataque en Cuernos del CSKA Moscow'
para buscar un triple desde el punto

Urban Meyer and Coachtube

Bill Self's Open Basketball Practice
4 Training Videos

Bill Self's Open Basketball Practice Series
4 Basketball Training Videos

with Bill Self,
Kansas Head Coach;
2016 AP Coach of the Year,
2008 NCAA National Champions,
2012 NCAA Runner Up,
12x Big 12 Regular Season Champions (2005-2016),
2x Naismith College Coach of the Year (2016 & 2012),
John R. Wooden Legends of Coaching Award (2013);
500 Career Wins!

Develop a dominating team defense with the valuable drills and skills taught in this live, on-court practice from one of America's premier programs, the Kansas Jayhawks. In this training video, Bill Self gets his Kansas team focused on defensive concepts. Coach Self takes us through the Kansas man-to-man defense as he builds from the half-court to the full court with eight newcomers to his program.

Defensive Drills & Concepts by Bill Self

In this training video we can strengthen our playbook with proven strategies from legendary University of Kansas Head Coach Bill Self. Coach Self shares two zone offenses that create scoring opportunities along with several counters that will make our offense unstoppable. With the primary goal of forcing four defenders to play just three offensive players, his zone offenses create confusion, scrambles and open shots that devastate opposing teams.

Zone Offense by Bill Self

Kansas University basketball Coach Bill Self, left, and guard Russell Robinson, right, watches as President Bush, center, bounces the basketball given to him as he honored the 2008 NCAA men's national basketball championship Kansas Jayhawks, Tuesday, June 3, 2008, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington. Picture AP by Ron Edmonds presented by eBA Stats Basketball Statistics Analysis

Kansas University basketball Coach Bill Self, left, and guard Russell Robinson, right, watches as President Bush, center, bounces the basketball given to him as he honored the 2008 NCAA men's national basketball championship Kansas Jayhawks, Tuesday, June 3, 2008, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington.

Legendary head coach Bill Self provides in this training video an extensive look into the Kansas offensive system. Coach Self uses an early practice session to guide you step-by-step through a complex half-court offense. Whiteboard diagrams that provide a detailed look at each action within the offense enhance his explanations.

Bill Self: High Low Motion Offense Complete Breakdown

This training videos hel[ us to improve our team's offense with drills from a University of Kansas practice session led by legendary head coach Bill Self. Focusing on a team that includes eight newcomers, Coach Self shares the details of his offense using easy-to-understand concepts that other coaches can use with their own teams.

High Post Screening Offense by Bill Self

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Urban Meyer and Coachtube

No, there’s no Oberto at this hotel
No, no hay ningún Oberto en este hotel


( Para la Versión - no Literal - en Español: Ver a Continuación de la Fotografía! )

The hotel receptionist answered us: "No, there’s no Oberto at this hotel"... One of the downsides to being a famous player in the NBA is that there is always someone who wants a ticket to a game – even when playing on the road.

Fabricio Raúl Jesús Oberto (born March 21, 1975) is an Argentine-Italian former professional basketball player. At 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m) and 256 pounds (116 kg), he played as a center. With the LNB club Atenas, in his native Argentina, Oberto began playing professionally in 1993, and later played overseas with teams in Spain and Greece. In 2005, Oberto signed with the San Antonio Spurs, a team of the American National Basketball Association, and won a championship with the Spurs in 2007. He is also a former member of the Argentina national basketball team.

Fabricio Oberto of Argentina, a center with a long career in the NBA, says it got to be such a problem that decided to check into hotels using a false name.

"The thing was that there was always an Argentinian that tried to find you or calls you to see if you have any tickets for the game,” he says.

So what does Oberto did?

He shrugs his shoulders and has some fun.

"I tended to use names of musicians, especially famous guitar players,” he says.

“And I even used some of the famous guitarists that have already passed away.”

Oberto, a guitar player himself, helped Argentina win the gold medal at the Athens Games in 2004 and started playing with Argentine national team shortly before his 20th birthday in 1995, and since then has won a number of tournaments including that gold medal match.

Fabricio Oberto Photograph: Identidad Latina


La recepcionista del hotel nos contestó: "No, no hay ningún Oberto en este hotel"... Una de las contra-facetas de ser un jugador famoso en la NBA es la de que siempre hay alguien que quiere una entrada para un partido – incluso cuando el partido es de visitante.

Fabricio Raúl Jesús Oberto (Las Varillas, Córdoba, 21 de marzo de 1975) es un exjugador de básquetbol argentino. Fue miembro de la Selección de básquetbol de Argentina, de varios equipos de la NBA, de la Liga ACB y de Asociación Deportiva Atenas. Ganador de diversos titulos y medallas con su selección, fue parte de la camada de jugadores argentinos pertenecientes a la que se denominó La Generación Dorada.

Fabricio Oberto de Argentina, un centro con una larga carrera en la NBA, nos cuenta que esto se transformó en un gran problema para él, por lo que decidió registrarse en los hoteles utilizando un nombre falso.

"La cosas es que siempre hay algún argentino que trataba de ubicarte o de llamarte para ver si tengo entradas para el partido” el dice.

Entonces qué es lo que Oberto hacía ?

Se encoje de hombre y se divierte un rato.

"Trataba de usar nombres de músicos, especialmente de guitarristas famosos” nos cuenta.

“Incluso usé nombres de guitarristas que ya han fallecido.”

Oberto, quien también es guitarrista, ayudó a la Argentina a ganar la medalla dorada en los Juegos de Atenas en el 2004 y comenzó jugando coin la Selección Argentina apenas con 2o años cumplidos en 1995, y desde entonces ganó varios campeonatos incluyendo esa medalla de oro.

Pat Summitt and Coachtube

eBA Stats Group Status for October 2016
Estatus del Grupo eBA Stats, Octubre 2016

October 16th, 2016: For English See Below!
Para la Versión en Español:
Vaya a continuación más abajo después de la fotografía!

"... How do you classify the 'defensive 3-second' statistics ? As a violation, a foul or an illegal defense foul ? How to track this stat ? ..."

Read more below in this eBA Portal

The Basketball Statistics Clinic ONLINE has completed its task and closes its doors permanently from the moment we achieve all our goals!.
This was a collaborative project between the eBA Stats Team and the last six Academic Years 359 graduates from the eBA Basketball Statistics Courses,

Reports of actions taken during the last succesful periods, were uploaded at the Basketball Statistics Clinic ONLINE ~ Site News (on the right hand column at the top).

Be Welcome at eBA sketball on Facebook and at our Google + Community Basketball for Everyone!

Best Regards
eBA Stats Group

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Michal Jordan: The perfect basketball player ... In this image presented by eBA Stats Group  Basketball Statistics Analysis

16 de Octubre, 2016: Español a Continuación!
For the English version:
Just see above on the photograph!

"... Cómo clasifican Ustedes la 'estadística de los 3-segundos defensivos' ? Como una violación, una falta o una falta de defensa ilegal ? Cómo registrar esta estadística ? ..."

Lea más abajo en éste Portal eBA

La Clínica EN-LINEA de Estadísticas del Baloncesto ha concluido sus tareas y cierra sus puertas en forma definitiva desde el momento en que hemos lograr todos nuestros objetivos !
Éste fue un proyecto colaborativo entre el Equipo eBA Stats y los 359 graduados de los Cursos de las Estadísticas del Baloncesto de los últimos seis Años Académicos!

Informes de lo actuado durante este exitoso proyecto, fueron publicados en la Clínica EN-LINEA de Estadísticas del Baloncesto ~ Site News ( sobre la columna derecha, al tope ).

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OCT' 16 Cover ~ Basketball Beautiful Faces Portada de OCT' 2016 ~ Caras Hermosas

OCTOBER 2016 Cover ~ Basketball Beautiful Faces:
wishes the eBA Stats Group from !

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We open the month With MaCall Manor !
From the NCAA ! With the UCLA Bruins dancers 2016 ! !

Our Basketball Beautiful Faces of OCTOBER 2016 Cover !
With MaCall Manor, a UCLA Bruin dancer !

She is MaCall Manor, a UCLA Bruin dancer, one of the most beautiful of the team!!

Get your Warriors 2018 Western Conference Champs at NBA Store!

To see ALL our Monthly Covers, click here: 'Categories > Basketball Beautiful Faces'

From the NCAA ! With the UCLA Bruins dancers 2016 ! In this photograph from UCLA Bruins presented by #eBAStatsGroup #BasketballStatistics Analysis .
Photograph: UCLA Bruins

Ella es MaCall Manor, de las más hermosas de las 'UCLA Bruin Team'!
Nuestras Caras Hermosas del Baloncesto en la Portada OCT' 2016 !
Con Christian, animadora del Golden State Warriors Dancers Team!

Portada de OCTUBRE 2016 ~ Caras Hermosas del Baloncesto:
les desea el Grupo eBA Stats desde !

Abrimos el mes con MaCall Manor, nuestra selección de la Cheerleader de OCTUBRE!
De las mejores ... de la NBA ! Con las UCLA Bruin DANCERS TEAM !

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