Incorporating help defense within your closeout drills allows you to work on multiple things at once. Coach Muller shows a drill that incorporates help defense, closing out to the gaps within the first passing lane, and on-ball defense. After your players work on their footwork and proper closeout technique, they will progress and incorporate live game play.
This drill allows to instill baseline out of bounds situations. You can also adjust the drill to force the ball to the sideline, middle, or baseline. More Info & Videos! (August 19th, 2019)


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• To all the users of our eBA sketball Encyclopedia
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eBA Great DEBATE: Basketball Advanced Statistics OR / AND / WITH  Conventional Statistics... !We interrupt this debate for a moment to give a note about our eBA Stats Group:

"... To all the users of our
eBA sketball Encyclopedia: the Uruguayan company 'Logos Consulting SRL', which was entrusted with the TikiWiki software upgrade on which is based the eBA Encyclopedia, suddenly disappeared leaving the job half done with the consequential problems.

The following emails: Alfonso Vicente ( email: ) and Logos Consulting SRL (email: ) that until a few days ago we were communicated, are today bouncing our emails ...

If anyone can communicate with those emails to say they left a job half done for our eBA Stats Group, we thank you a lot !

Luckily for us, we had not paid anything because we had already a problem with another Tiki Org. Consultant, who left the job for not knowing how to do it !

Our apologies to all the users of the eBA sketball Encyclopedia, that is now working on perfection thanks to the ability of an Argentine computer technician who IS NOT a consultant of Tiki Org. ..."

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"... A todos los usuarios de nuestra eBA sketball Encyclopedia: la empresa uruguaya 'Logos Consulting SRL', a la cual le fue encomendada la actualizacion del programa TikiWiki sobre la que se basa la Enciclopedia eBA, desapareció súbitamente dejando el trabajo a medio hacer con los problemas consecuentes.

Los siguientes emails: Alfonso Vicente ( email: ) y Logos Consulting SRL (email: ) que hasta hace pocos días nos comunicaban, hoy rebotan todos nuestros emails...

Si alguien puede comunicarse con esos emails para decirle que dejaron un trabajo a medio hacer para nuestro Grupo eBA Stats, se lo agradecemos mucho !

Para nuestra suerte, no habíamos pagado nada, porque ya habíamos tenido un problema con otro Consultante de Tiki Org., que abandonó el trabajo por no saber cómo hacerlo !

Nuestras disculpas a los usuarios de la eBA sketball Encyclopedia, que hoy está trabajando a la perfección gracias a la habilidad de un técnico en computación Argentino que NO ES consultante de Tiki Org. ..."

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