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See:  Frontcourt.


A frontcourt position. One of two players who usually operate near a corner, on both offense and defense. Players at this position are either classified as a small forward or a power forward depending upon their specific areas expertise, and often their size: forwards are usually smaller than the center and bigger than the guards; often a team's highest scorers.
See: Power Forward; Small Forward.

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A violation. Usually, contact between two players which break the rules but are not floor violation, penalized by a change in possession or free-throw opportunities. Also: Personal Foul. See: Technical Foul.

Foul Circle.

See: Free Throw Circle.

Foul Lane.

See: Lane.

Foul Line.

See: Free Throw Line.

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Foul Out.

To be disqualified from a game for committing more fouls than the rules permit. Most leagues permit five fouls; the NBA and the Big East permit six.

Foul Shot.

See: Free Throw.

Foul Trouble:   "Faltas, En Problema por"

Ver: Faltas, En Problema por
When a player is nearing the limit for the personal fouls before he is ejected from the game, or a team is nearing the limit in each period after which all fouls become shooting fouls. See: Over the Limit.

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Four-Corner Offense.

A ball control offense in which players form a large box, with one player in each corner of the frontcourt and the fifth player near the free throw line. The player pass the ball around and set screens for each other. The chief object is to keep possession of the ball while taking time off the clock, but a player will often score out the offense by making a quick move to the basket after the defense has been lulled by the continual passing.

Four-Point Play.

A 3-point shot scored when the player is fouled in the act of shooting followed by a consequent and successful free throw. Compare: Three-Point Play.

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