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My Personal Best: Life Lessons from an All-American Journey
My Personal Best: Life Lessons from an All-American JourneyBy: John Wooden & Steve Jamison
"A good teacher or coach must not only understand others, but himself or herself as well." —John Wooden In this captivating book, beloved Basketball coach John Wooden reveals the educational journey he took throughout his legendary life, from his earliest...
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03/12/05 - Today was resumed at Discussions about Basketball Stats the topic about Floor Percentage:
"Floor % is used by the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System to measure offensive efficiency from the principle that almost all scoring possessions for all teams involve two points being scored, not one point or three points.
Power% = ( FG + OR ) / ( FGA + TO )
You can see it's analysis and discussion of the Floor Percentage Stats at the eBA Formulas and at The eBA System."
To read the topic go to Floor Percentage: Formula & Applicability.


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01/12/05 - The DOCUMENTS section at our Library is the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis Archive. The "must" and the "best" material is being filed there. Today were added the FIBA Basketball Statistic Manual and the NCAA Basketball Statisticians' Manual.
Read also Play Better #7.

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30/11/05 - From the very beginning of our site, on December 1998, first days of Google's Dance, we realized that the links and reference section is among the most important and popular parts of the site, and, because of this, we will constantly be trying to improve it. With a limited quantity of sections in the first editions, now you can browse the 12 sections and 40 categories listed there, or, if you're having trouble finding something, try the Google Search form at each page.
We are also in the process of gradually merging our links section with the reference section, so that you can find everything you're looking for in one place. The best and exceptional sites of the Web are being framed and highlighted as Recommended by eBA Stats. The Google Popularity Page Rank is offered by eBA at each link to easily know PageRank™ the pages you want to visit. Another section of good sites are bolded an underlined, meanwhile the rest of the sites, the old or not updated ones, are being deleted or are included as "Another Sites", the entrance there is under your responsibility. The broken links are processed at the bottom of each links page, waiting for someone to tell us the new web address.
This is the reason because the eBA Links Section gave place to the updated Web Sites eBA Guide at your service.

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28/11/05 - "I am sometimes amused and ALWAYS disappointed by coaches who talk about running these "exotic" deployments...multiple zone presses, fast break offenses, flex offenses, triple post, trapping schemes, etc. And then they tell you they are coaching 3rd grade, or fourth grade, or even sixth grade and seventh and that they are doing these things "successfully." (Barton, 2003)
Discussion basis for a future article in eBA

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 Our October' BEST SELLER

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The Carolina Way
The Carolina Way By: Dean Smith, Gerald D. Bell, John Kilgo
For forty years, Dean Smith coached the University of North Carolina Basketball team with unsurpassed success. Now, in The Carolina Way, he explains his coaching philosophy and shows readers how to apply it to the leadership and team-building challenges they face...
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The Best from the Q & A  

04/09/05 BACKCOURT VIOLATION: ball & both feet
20/08/05 DEAD BALL: Guarding Situations & Foul
15/08/05 NBA Illegal defense: rule & frequency

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Score More Hoops: Score More Hoops, is a package of e-books that Coach Steve Pavlovic have written that cover Shooting, Defense, Dribbling, Passing, Rebounding, an easy to follow system to make more shots improving your team's odds of winning that close game ! There is also an Advanced Techniques manual that will build on these basics and take your team to the next level.


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The 3rd. Edition of our project eBA System - The Basketball Analysis is at the final stage.
This edition will be distributed by the first time openly on-line; meanwhile the two former editions were limited to eBA Associated teams and Coaches.
The 40 Minutes version will be based on the Analysis of the Final Game of the EuroLeague 2004. The 48 Minutes version will be based on the Final Game of the NBA. 2004.
The "Contents Index" and the summaries resuming each chapter are being still included in our Newsletter for Registered Members and more details will be publicized here shortly.

The INDEX of The Project was uploaded on 15/08/04:
Click here to reach it.

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