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 eBA February 2006 BESTSELLER

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Leading with the Heart Leading with the Heart
By Mike Krzyzewski - Coach K
The book has four sections--"Preseason," "Regular Season," "Postseason," and "All-Season"--and each of those has four chapters. Each chapter begins with three quotes ("Too many rules get in the way of leadership" leads off chapter 1), and ends with bulleted tips summing up the chapter's message. Between the quotes and the bullet points are anecdotes about Duke Basketball games and (occasionally) Krzyzewski's life outside Basketball.
What you come away with is an understanding of why Krzyzewski is a great Basketball coach, why former Duke assistants such as Tommy Amaker and Quin Snyder are probably going to become great Basketball coaches, and how anyone who's currently a coach can become a better coach....

Read More ... Global Basketball Directory         moreLeading with the Heartinfo


Read your Sport Newspaper with us

26/02/06 - The links to the sport newspapers which were included on the left column of this section, were moved and integrated to the last hour sport news of the site. From today, eBA give you the link to your sport newspaper and the last sport news at the right place: eBA LAST HOUR SPORT NEWS !
Your newspaper IS NOT included ? Send us the name or the address by means of Contact Us.

 IN-SITE Inbounds Pass

The Best from the Articles

24/02/06 - From "Measuring players": "The most necessary statistic for any additional analysis, is the number of possessions a team gets in a game. Points scored doesn’t tell the whole story, because different styles of play will lead to different numbers of possessions.

Great Basketball Pictures

If a team play slow-down ball, almost running the shot clock to zero each possession, then there will be fewer total possessions in the game. Essentially, this shortens the game, since the real length of the game in practical terms is how many possessions each team gets.

A basic misconception in analysis and broadcasting, treat as equivalent points scored and points given up with offensive and defensive quality, without properly normalizing for possessions. If a team shoots really quickly every time down the floor....... "
Read More at "Measuring players"

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22/02/06 - "The modified Tendex rating was created by Jon Scott based on a "per minute" basis and a "per game" basis. The per game basis weights more heavily toward players who play more substantial minutes and therefore reflect their worth to the team (from the fact that the coach chose to play them the majority of the minutes). The "per minute" basis better highlights players who may come in for short times, but who are extremely productive while in game.

{[ Points + Rebounds + 1.25*Assists + 1.25*Steals + Blocks - 1.25*Turnovers - Missed field goals - (Missed free throws / 2) - Personal Fouls / 2 ] / Minutes / Game Pace }

The Tendex is fully explained in the article "Formulas Revision" and discussed at Stats Discussions.


The Best from the Q & A 

20/02/06 - From "FREE THROWS Statistical Charging": "... we must remark that in ALL the situations referred earlier, NO turnover have happened because the offensive team is considered to have made an attempt at a free throw goal . To make clear this instance see the definition of "Turnover" in the Global Basketball Directory and the related topics in the Statistics Discussions.

Great Basketball Pictures

eBA Statistical Register: Don't register turnover in ANY case.

If a wrong player is attempting a free throw, the FTA - Free Throw Attempt - as result of the error and all activeness implied in this action and place shall be declared null unless there are  a technical, unsportsmanlike or disqualifying fouls called during the activity after the error. The game will be began anew ....

Read More at "FREE THROWS Statistical Charging"

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15/02/06: Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man?
Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man? By: Charles Barkley, Michael Wilbon
This is the most personal and important book Charles Barkley has written. He lays himself open here, and because he does, he brings the same straight talk out of everyone with whom he engages in his journey around America to talk about the things that matter most and are the hardest to say .....
More in the Global Basketball Directory     moreWho's Afraid of a Large Black Man?info


The Best from the QUOTES 

12/02/2006 - "There are really only two plays: Romeo and Juliet, and put the darn ball in the basket." — Abe Lemons

"Any American boy can be a Basketball star if he grows up, up, up....." — Bill Vaughn

"The rule was "No autopsy, no foul." — Stewart Granger, on the pickup games of his childhood.

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The Best from the Q & A 

05/02/06 - From "ASSISTS: A question about good passes": "In my opinion, and in this manner works the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System, we must be able to give two assists - like in hockey - on one play. As said in the last post, "many times, a point guard gives a great pass, and another player makes a pass that leads to the basket". The first pass should get some credit , because it can be more important than the second pass. On the other hand, a great pass that leads to the shooter being fouled is not generally credited as an assist, and it should be, or no?....... "
Read More at "ASSISTS: A question about good passes"

 eBA January 2006 BEST SELLER

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Smart Take from the Strong: The Basketball Philosophy of Pete Carril Smart Take from the Strong: The Basketball Philosophy of Pete Carril
By Pete Carril, Dan White & Bob Knigh (Introduction) Pete Carril stood only five-foot-six but nonetheless become an All-State Basketball player in high school, a Little All-American in college, and a highly successful coach. After twenty-nine years as Princeton University's Basketball coach... .
Read More ... Global Basketball Directory
    moreSmart Take from the Strong: The Basketball Philosophy of Pete Carrilinfo

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