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 THE BEST Basketball CLIPS

Impossible is Nothing 

A very cool clip about Basketball where.... impossible is nothing.... is our selection for this month of December....

Our Last Basketball Clips Selections:

June: Air Jordan Clip: Michael and the kid...
July: What's your game about? A Basketball clinic...
August: Rhythm & Basketball
September: Nothing is Impossible
October: A Little Less Gravity
November: A Little Less Hurt

 eBA Stats 2006 BEST SELLER

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31/12/2006: Leading with the Heart Leading with the Heart
By Mike Krzyzewski - Coach K
The book has four sections--"Preseason," "Regular Season," "Postseason," and "All-Season"--and each of those has four chapters. Each chapter begins with three quotes ("Too many rules get in the way of leadership" leads off chapter 1), and ends with bulleted tips summing up the chapter's message. Between the quotes and the bullet points are anecdotes about Duke Basketball games and (occasionally) Krzyzewski's life outside Basketball.
What you come away with is an understanding of why Krzyzewski is a great Basketball coach, why former Duke assistants such as Tommy Amaker and Quinn Snyder are probably going to become great Basketball coaches, and how anyone who's currently a coach can become a better coach....

Read More ... Global Basketball Directory         moreLeading with the Heartinfo


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28/12/2006: Statistics: they never tell the whole story, but they don't lie, either.
At half time of Basketball games anywhere, you can see coaches studying the stat sheet before addressing their respective teams.
The stat sheet provides all the incriminating evidence that the coach needs to see: who's being outplayed, who's got the hot hand from the three-point range and so on.
But I always remains in doubt.... stats quantify the game.... they never tell the whole story..... they don't lie..... but something is lacking.... either ! ......

Read the complete post at
Basketball Game Discussions.


24/12/06: eBA Team
wants to wish everybody,
our publishers, editors and registered members,
our friends coaches participants in the courses and clinics,
our advertisers and sponsors, our readers and visitors,
our families, colleagues and personal friends,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

...and we want to say it in all the languages spoken
in our Basketball statisticians community......

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21/12/06: Score More Hoops: Score More Hoops, is a package of e-books that Coach Steve Pavlovic have written that cover Shooting, Defense, Dribbling, Passing, Rebounding, an easy to follow system to make more shots improving your team's odds of winning that close game ! There is also an Advanced Techniques manual that will build on these basics and take your team to the next level.

Go to our eBA Links Section for more  recommended Basketball websites.



19/12/06: "The home team wins about 70 percent of the time in college Basketball, and we are doing our research - at eBA-ONLINE Clinics - referred to professional Basketball, based in these numbers.
Some made researches suggest that home court is worth as much as 12 points. But this assumption maybe NOT ALWAYS valid.
In this thread and the forum, we had still discussed about the "runs", "getting hot" and the "hot hand" which truly exist playing at home.
But there are also factors besides being supported by the crowd's energy. Fans sometimes underestimate the importance of a team having to travel to a road game. When we do the study on home court advantage at the eBA Clinic, we factor in the distance traveled to play the game. Without any doubt longer distances ( especially when crossing multiple time zones ) are equivalent to inferior results.
The basic familiarity with the arena and rhythm of the day plays a critical role too: the court dimensions are exactly the same, but after some miles traveled and a day in a hotel room, to come up to the surface only to play Basketball and shot some shots in not well known environment may be really the true opponent.

The research on the importance of home court advantage is being studied in the eBA Basketball Analysis Clinic, which next 'Basketball Statistics Register Course' begins on Monday 5, March 2007 ( no more vacancies available )......"



Great Basketball Pictures
Photograph: Vedia PhotoStream

Larry Bird & Jeff Hornacek - 1987


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15/12/06: They Call Me Coach They Call Me Coach
By: John Wooden
The critically acclaimed, classic autobiography of UCLA Basketball's legendary coach "What Knute Rockne was to football, Connie Mack to baseball, and Wilbur and Orville Wright to flying, John Wooden is to Basketball." -- Los Angeles Times " They Call Me Coach is grassroots Americana, a story bigger than Basketball. One of those rare sports books that is must reading for everyone." -- Chicago Tribune Now featuring a great new look and a Foreword by hoop Hall of Famer Bill Walton, this classic bestselling sports bio by America's "winner coach" is back. Still charming fans everywhere, college Basketball legend John Wooden reflects on his record-breaking career, his inspired life behind the scenes, and how his top players went on to shape and change the NBA. With worldly wisdom, Wooden offers a very personal history of an unforgettable time in college Basketball, answering the most-asked questions about his life, his career, and the players who made his team unbeatable.....

Read More ... Global Basketball Directory

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