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 THE BEST Basketball CLIPS

A little less hurt 

A very emotional and dramatic clip - one of the best sports adverts ever... the awesome song makes it, is our selection for this month of November....

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June: Air Jordan Clip: Michael and the kid...
July: What's your game about? A Basketball clinic...
August: Rhythm & Basketball
September: Nothing is Impossible
October: A Little Less Gravity


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15/11/06: The Last Season:
A Team in Search of Its Soul
The Last Season: A Team in Search of Its Soul
By: Phil Jackson, With Michael Arkush
One of the most successful coaches in the history of Basketball offers his personal account of a season like no other-the extraordinary ride of the 2003-2004 Los Angeles Lakers. From the signing of the future Hall-of-Fame Karl Malone and Gary Payton, to the.... .
More in the Global Basketball Directory     moreThe Last Season: A Team in Search of Its Soulinfo



Great Basketball Pictures
Photograph: Vedia PhotoStream

Dejan Bodiroga celebrates with Yugoslavia
in the Eurobasket 1997 at Barcelona, Spain



11/11/06 - Uses and Misuses of Statistical Graphics: Nowadays we are discussing the topic of the statistics lies at our forum which was initiated by the exposition "Statistics & Statisticians" at eBA ONLINE.
Here is the opinion of Paul H. Kvam and Joel Sokol from their work "Teaching Statistics with Sports Examples":
Statistical lies are most frequently committed in graphical form, where the eyes can be more easily deceived by spurious trends suggested in a picture. A common abuse is manipulating scales on charts and graphs by truncating, censoring or transforming the axis values.

The next figure shows two different charts showing an increase in average attendance at NCAA Women's Soccer games between 1998 and 2003. The first (blue) chart  is the default Microsoft Excel chart; many statistical software packages, in fact, will restrict both axes to a small set of values that contains the data, which helps the reader focus on chart differences more clearly. However, it also removes the scale of difference from the picture, which has potential to mislead readers who pay little attention to the axis labels.

Average Attendance at NCAA

Average Attendance at NCAA

Two different charts showing average attendance
at NCAA Women's Soccer (season) matches

The reader's sense of proportion can be manipulated further with image-based charts, which are standard in sports publications. As an example, the figure below graphs the season wins for the New England Patriots using clip-art in place of vertical bars.

Season Wins for the New England Patriots

Regular season wins for the New England Patriots, 2002-2003

While the height of the football icons corresponds to the information the graph is meant to communicate, the size of the footballs does not; the Patriots improved 56% in wins between 2002 and 2003, but the increase in area of the football icons is over 140%.

 EUROLEAGUE 2006 - 2007


09/11/06 - REGULAR SEASON (Standings) - Game 3

Efes Pilsen Istanbul TUR Coverage Le Mans FRA: 53 Statistics 64
Olympiacos Piraeus GRE Coverage Prokom Trefl POL: 97 Statistics 74
Dynamo Moscow RUS Coverage Climamio Bologna ITA: 78 Statistics 73
RheinEnergie Koeln GER Coverage Tau Vitoria SPA: 70 Statistics 102

Great Basketball Pictures
Photograph: Sud Ouest
Pau-Orthez tombe le CSKA...! "C’est simplement une date historique de plus dans l’histoire de l’Elan ..."

Maccabi Tel Aviv ISR Coverage Lottomatica Roma ITA: 78 Statistics 65
Joventut Badalona SPA Coverage Partizan Belgrade SER: 82 Statistics 51
Cibona Zagreb CRO Coverage Unicaja Málaga SPA: 87 Statistics 83 - OT
Union Olimpija SLO Coverage Panathinaikos GRE: 65 Statistics 86

Eldo Nápoli ITA Coverage Aris Thessaloniki GRE: 71 Statistics 69
EB Pau-Orthez FRA Coverage CSKA Moscow RUS: 73 Statistics 67
Benetton TrevisoITA Coverage Fenerbahce Ulker TUR: 93 Statistics 83
Zalgiris Kaunas LIT Coverage Winterthur Barcelona SPA: 86 Statistics 92

on the team's name to go to it's WEBSITE;
on Statistics for the GAME STATS and on Coverage for the GAME COVERAGE.

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November 8 to 15, 2006 Issue
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