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 THE BEST Basketball CLIPS

Michael and the kid...

A lovely Basketball clip, especially the kid shaking his head at the end just as Michael use to do....


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They Call Me Coach They Call Me Coach
By: John Wooden
The critically acclaimed, classic autobiography of UCLA Basketball's legendary coach "What Knute Rockne was to football, Connie Mack to baseball, and Wilbur and Orville Wright to flying, John Wooden is to Basketball." -- Los Angeles Times " They Call Me Coach is grassroots Americana, a story bigger than Basketball. One of those rare sports books that is must reading for everyone." -- Chicago Tribune Now featuring a great new look and a Foreword by hoop Hall of Famer Bill Walton, this classic bestselling sports bio by America's "winner coach" is back. Still charming fans everywhere, college Basketball legend John Wooden reflects on his record-breaking career, his inspired life behind the scenes, and how his top players went on to shape and change the NBA. With worldly wisdom, Wooden offers a very personal history of an unforgettable time in college Basketball, answering the most-asked questions about his life, his career, and the players who made his team unbeatable.....

Read More ... Global Basketball Directory

    moreThey Call Me Coachinfo


Registering Statistics  

29/06/06: Blocked or Altered Shot ? By definition (see our Global Basketball Directory ) a blocked shot occurs when a defensive player successfully and legally deflects a shot from an offensive player by touching and rejecting the ball on its way to the basket, and before it has reached its highest point, in order to prevent from a field goal.
In order to be a legal action, the block must occur while the shot is traveling upward. It is heading downward when the defender hits it, it is ruled a goaltending and counts as a made basket.

...Jordan vs. Robertson...

We have an altered shot when a blocker changes the shooter shot causing the shooter to miss the basket.
At our Basketball statistics analysis system we register a Block Shot when the ball doesn't leave the shooter's hand: Turnover for the player in possession, Steal for the blocker; and we have an Altered Shot when the ball leaves the shooter's hand, so we register a missed shot for the shooter & a steal - block for the defender. .....more at eBA ONLINE


Out Of Context 

27/06/06: "Total fouls called are down vs.  last year, with an average of 46.47 in total fouls being called per game ( compared to 48.17 last year ).
The average number of calls by the 3 veteran officials who call the most total fouls is about 51, with the high being his crews calling 52.07 fouls per game. On the low side,  the average of veteran officials who call the least fouls is about 42.5 for their crews.
Suggesting a variance in foul calls between certain veteran officials can run approximately 18 pct from game to game.

The average number of travels called this year is 2.49. This compares to 2.1 at the end of last year. The variance between high and low, is 4.17 for one veteran officials crews and 1.44 for another veteran officials crew. Meaning that the highest officials’ crews will call traveling almost 3x as often as the official whose crews call it the least.

Defensive 3 seconds is called on average .89 times per game this year, vs. .59 times per game this time last year. The average number of calls by the 3 veteran officials who call def 3 the most is 1.7x per game. The least, 0.55x per game, or a factor of about 3.

Offensive fouls are called on average 4.6 times per game, compared to 5.16 times per game last year. The average number of calls by the 3 vet officials crews who call it the most is about  6 per game. The average for the 3 officials’ crews that call it the least is 3.3. 
Last year for offensive fouls, the average number of calls by the 3 veteran officials who call offensive fouls the most is 7 per game. The least, 3.6 per game.

There are .609 techs called per game this year compared to .724 per game last year.  The top and bottom averages are about 1.1 per game vs. .25 per game.

Last by not least, is offensive 3 seconds. There are .70 called per game  vs. .794 called per game last year and .552 the year before. This year the top and bottom averages are about 1.25 per game vs. 0.25 game, or about a 500 pct variance.

As you can see, different officials use their professional judgment differently, which is exactly what you would expect." the mark cuban weblog


Great Basketball Pictures

Drazen Petrovic vs. Michael Jordan
Basketball Final - August 1992


9th. Module 

23/06/06: Excerpt of the module edited today at the eBA 107 - Game Stats Register about "Statistics & Statisticians": ...."The Basketball Team Statistician must have the skills to control, verify and examine once again his work all the time, in order to avoid mistakes. He must confront all his work against the play-by-play, being vitally necessary a team work.
Because no one person can register stats strictly correctly, the Statistician and the rest of the staff must be constantly talking to each other, and, as we believe, they must wait for the post game video analysis for the accurate stats.
The Basketball Team Statistician must be capable to read and understand a technical statisticians guide and make deep analysis having  the ability to make sound decisions during the game....."

...Statistics & Statisticians...

...."Basketball Team Statistician as a Professional Career: From the eBA System requirements point of view the Basketball statistician must  do this work on a full-time basis and must be eligible for a good compensation: as we are speaking about a professional career as a sports statistician. Although the reality show us that  most persons who do sports statistics do this on a part-time basis and are paid, sometimes, only for the day for individual games. It must be understood that the 'Basketball game analysis'  is not a matter of collect sports results and provide the leagues and the media with significant information for their clients different and varied needs. ......"."

Next Module Exposition on Friday 07/07/06, 04:00 GMT.

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Basketball Events 

20/06/06: Like every year the Independiente Athletic Club from the City of Cosquín, Córdoba, Argentine Republic, organize during the next days October 26, 27, 28 & 29, an international competitive tournament for cadets and juniors under the denomination "Damn the Vices Bless the Sports".

In the 9th. edition performed last year participated 121 teams which in 7 stadiums and during three days played 220 games. Without any doubt this is the more important tournament of the world because there is no antecedent of nothing similar, and the organizers are making gestations to inscribe this event in The Guinness Book of Records.

This year were sent more than 4.000 invitations to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Perú, Colombia, Venezuela, Brasil, Honduras, Costa Rica, República Dominicana, Panamá, Nicaragua; Puerto Rico; Cuba, EE.UU., Canadá, España; Francia; Germany; Italia; Argelia del Sud, Africa, etc. From this Coach's Corner we'll keep you up-to-date in relation with this singular initiative.
For more information:


With Walter Herrmann 

18/06/06 - About Playing for Argentina in Japan: "It's a great satisfaction to represent your country, I think it's a dream come true for any player. Sometimes you don't value it as much when you are actually involved in a tournament but as time goes by, the significance of what you achieve hits you. As a player you know the sacrifices you have done, the hard work you put in throughout the year so it gives me a lot of joy to be a part of the national team again....."

Great Basketball Pictures

About FIBA World Championship in Japan: ""We know the challenge it's going to be for us to progress to the second round because we know that even any team, regardless of their name and history, will be complicated. Players have an added incentive to play above their best level when they are representing their country in such a prestigious tournament. Therefore, no game will be easy."...."

About his future in the NBA: "I would love to go to the NBA. One always has the dream of playing in the strongest league in the world and if that opportunity comes along, I will take it. But I don't lose any sleep over it. The Spanish league has nothing to envy with respect to the United States, the organization here is fantastic and we play at a very high level...."

About his life and the tragedy: "When the car accident happened in 2003, and I lost my mother, my sister and my fiancée, and exactly one year later, my father passed away, I really considered leaving Basketball. It seemed stupid to carry on because I played for my family and after the accident, I had no motivation whatsoever. I admit I still find it difficult today to find that extra incentive that I had when I played prior to the accident. I see things different now, I assume things as they are. Basketball helps me not to think about those things. It is a demanding sport, you train a lot, you travel a lot and you play many games, it's a distraction. I try to think about the future and what's next and not look back because if you do that, you are lost...."
Walter Herrmann Heinrich, Venado Tuerto, Santa Fé Argentina - Born June 26,1979.


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Let Me Tell You a Story: A Lifetime in the Game
Let Me Tell You a Story: A Lifetime in the Game By: Red Auerbach & John Feinstein
America's favorite sportswriter teams up with Red Auerbach, the most successful and admired coach in Basketball history, to tell the best stories of a legendary life. Living legend Arnold "Red" Auerbach led the Boston Celtics to nine NBA championships--eight of them consecutive...
More in the Global Basketball Directory     moreLet Me Tell You a Story: A Lifetime in the Gameinfo


8th. Module 

09/06/06: Excerpt of the module edited today at the eBA 107 - Game Stats Register about "Free Throws Statistics Register": ...."Free Throw Modifier: Basketball analysts express statistics in terms of possessions, so they need to make an adjustment for the fact that two free throws do not always constitute a possession. Three-point plays, three-shot fouls, and technical all increase the number of free throws per possession. Therefore, those analysts need to use something less than 0.5 when multiplying by free throes to calculate possessions and revealed that the appropriate multiplier is 0.44. eBA System doesn't uses "Free Throw Modifier" but the exact number of times reached the line by each team and player....

...the critical moment of the game... !

...."Free throw shooting in Basketball is a task which falls into two broad categories of sports skills. First, it is a task of accuracy. Second, it requires sub maximal velocity for most populations of players. Because of the sub maximal velocity demands, there are endless combinations of segmental contributions in conjunction with numerous projection angles and velocities which can result in shots which directly or indirectly fall through the basket. In addition to the segmental actions which contribute to shooting performance, there may be other actions which are extraneous to performance. These non-related characteristics can be termed style. Since the identification of characteristics which are consistently employed by skilled performers and conspicuously absent in poor performers may lead to improved teaching and coaching, this study was conducted to analyze selected biomechanical parameters of free throw shooting by players of varying skill......"."

Next Module Exposition on Friday 23/06/06, 04:00 GMT.

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Great Basketball Pictures

BC Kiev Cheerleaders
the Basketball beautiful faces.


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Pro Basketball Forecast: 2005-06 (Pro Basketball Prospectus) Mathematics and Sports
By John Hollinger

The roundball revolution continues, and John Hollinger is El Jefe. With the Pro Basketball Forecast™, Hollinger takes an in-depth and insightful look at the game. Downplayed are all the per-game statistics; in their place are points, rebounds, and assists per forty minutes. Hollinger also examines how many possessions each player uses and what percentage of his team’s rebounds he collects. Why? Because teams use players in different ways, and comparing everyone on an even scale makes much more sense.

When is a player averaging ten points a game more valuable than one averaging fifteen? How about if he plays twenty minutes to the latter’s forty and plays for a team that walks the ball up the court instead of fast-breaking? If he’s given a starting position or traded to a new team, he could "unexpectedly" break out—unexpected to everyone but Forecast™ readers, that is. Hollinger shows you which players, given more time or a fresh start, can ratchet their game up to all-star levels. He also shows which ones are scoring more than their backups solely because of proportion of time and should find themselves on the bench more this year.

On top of all this, Hollinger also continues to improve his groundbreaking method of valuing a player’s personal defense and sharpens his projections for regulars, offering predictions for the forthcoming season. Hollinger adds his thoughts on every team—where they’ve been and where they’re going—as well as a discussion of every player and draft pick. You may watch hoops, but you haven’t seen everything until you’ve seen the Forecast™.

About the Author
JOHN HOLLINGER authored the 2002–03 and 2003–04 editions of the Pro Basketball Prospectus. He also writes columns on Basketball for, the New York Sun, and Basketball Digest. Since 1996, he’s spearheaded a more analytical approach to pro Basketball from his Web site, Hollinger lives in Atlanta, USA.

    moreMathematics and Sportsinfo

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