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 THE BEST Basketball CLIPS

Mixed Basketball 

Awesome mix of 5 different Basketball commercials with the best players today...
This is our clip selection for this month of February !

Our Last Basketball Clips Selections:

June: Air Jordan Clip: Michael and the kid...
July: What's your game about? A Basketball clinic...
August: Rhythm & Basketball
September: Nothing is Impossible
October: A Little Less Gravity
November: A Little Less Hurt
December: Impossible is Nothing
January 2007: 2006 Best Basketball Video Clip


Coach's Digest  

09/03/07 - Similarity Scores are a method of comparing basketball players to other players, with the intent of discovering who the single most similar historical player is to a certain player.
This method have been used to determine career paths and projected statistics for players. The logic behind this line of thought is simple: players often follow similar career trajectories to their most similar players, so the historical similar players' performance in years after the active player's current age should be a good predictor of that active player's future production.
Similarity scores are also used extensively in many statistical forecasting programs but is not used by the eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis System.


from the eBA Forum 

06/03/07: Deflections: INDICATOR of team's good defense ? Some coaches take stats of the deflections. More often than not, the player with the most deflections at the end of the year is usually the player who is named the team top's defensive player. Deflections may never find their way into the official box score statistics, but it is found at our Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis eBA System and you can bet that coaches understand their importance!

Great Basketball Pictures

About the Concept= When we speaks about deflection, we refers the action of causing any pass to stray from its intended course, without getting yet the ball possession.
eBA Statistical Register= The example given of the 24 seconds is a good one for a deflection "Forcing an opponent Turnover". The register of the deflections forcing an opponent turnover is deeply developed ( clicking ) here..
References= This topic was developed at the Basketball Statistics Register Course in eBA ONLINE.

More Statistics Questions & Answers: Go to eBA Forum


...polemics ! 

25/02/07: "...In many ways, the excessive reliance on stats to assess Basketball performances is the sports-related counterpart to that gloomy analysis. Stats dissolve all the passion, energy and dynamics of each game in abstract, numeric quantities that could easily lead one to believe that every game is just like the other.

Recent attempts to put together comprehensive statistical indexes capable of "objectively" measuring players and teams performances - to the point where we could simply check the numbers and dispense with the game themselves - are the paroxysm of Basketball positivism. The multifaceted, rich aspects that constitute the very essence of Basketball are set aside in the name of an irrational belief in an abstract formula.

Usually the perpetrators of such heresies are guys who smugly claim that their stats clearly rebuke "conventional wisdom". At its worst, statistical analysis of pro sports degenerate into a set of foolish statements that are at best extremely dubious and yet are treated as "scientific claims". Grown men who should really know better dish out atrocious claims such as "Rodman produced more wins that Michael Jordan"....
A polemical opnion of Pedro a brazilian journalist in his blog posterized



Great Basketball Pictures
Photograph: Vedia PhotoStream

Bad Boys & Larry Bird - 1987



21/02/07 - Steals Statistical Register: Kendall Ponder wrote in the Basketball Coaching Forum: "I decided years ago to give the steal to whoever came up with the ball..... Both the player who tips the ball and the player who was in correct defensive position to come up with the ball made positive plays to get the ball. I don't split steals but I do give half a steal if a player ties up the ball. It doesn't happen enough to make a difference is a players avg steals per game but it makes sense to me to do it that way....."
Rick Allison answers: "I'm sorry if this may seem offensive, but...the last post (and some other previous) is what I find intriguing and, unfortunately, widely prevalent in the world of Basketball coaching/training (actually, the world in general). That is, people expressing less than informed opinions in a manner that suggests that they are somehow valid, without providing adequate evidence of what authority or proof supports their assertion. It is closely akin (I believe) to the coaching style of "just do it that way because I said so".

So what are you basing your assertion on? You said, "I really don't like personal interpretation for stats", yet it seems that is what you are doing unless you have access to a different (than NCAA) official statistician' s manual that supports your assertion. The rationale that we don't give a player a steal if he/she strips a ball and the opponent retains possession is not valid reasoning, because a steal implies a change of possession which did not occur in your rationale example.

I respect your opinion (well-intentioned) , but this is a good example of the kind of influence that fosters the spread of misinformation. We must all strive to be more informed when we make assertions in this way. Re-check your sources and rationale, if possible. Now, sometimes we base our opinions on what we think is valid information, but later turns out to be otherwise. I've also been a victim of this... we all make mistakes... nothing wrong with that (I believe)...but how you present your assertions is important.

I know this comes off as a "holier than thou" post and some might find it offensive, but I think it is important and needs to be said in this forum. Too often, coaches think that because they have been coaching for many, many years, that assertions they make should not be questioned or that they don't ever have to check the rule book or other sources. It never hurts to check your assumptions and assertions." Rick Allison from LoneStar Basketball Academy.



18/02/07: Due to the growth in the number of registered members in eBA and daily visitors to the site and the clinics, we are experiencing some technical difficulties with our file hosting server. They affect the uptime availability and response time of our site...

Basketball Time Out
Photograph: Steve Cannon at

so, it is the right moment for a time out and a player change...

For the next days, we'll be working on moving all this site to our new server: with higher processing power and more space for each one of our four ( 4 ! ) sites ( see below ).

We are also doing some more integration work between our old files and our new editors and the new server.

In concordance with our success in the eBA ONLINE Courses & Clinics during 2006, we are programming and developing new contents for the current academic year 2007.

Therefore, we are working hard also to keep this site operating during these weeks:

Please, stand by ! We'll return in a few days back to full speed with four new independently located sites: eBA-Stats ~ eBA-Clinic ~ eBA-Forum and eBA-Word... Thank You !

The new Basketball Statistics Register Course in eBA ONLINE, begin on Monday 5, March 2007 - 21:00 GMT:
there are no more available vacancies !


15/02/07 - Stats don’t lie. Seriously. If Joe Blow scores 20 points in a game, he scores 20 points. If he does it on 10 for 36 shooting with 12 turnovers, and Johnny Analyst praises Joe Blow’s brilliant offensive performance, then it’s Johnny Analyst doing the lying, not the stats.

Great Basketball Pictures

Offensive and defensive rebounding are different things. I mean, it was 14 years ago that the NCAA began distinguishing between offensive and defensive rebounds. It was a major advancement in stats keeping. Yet, with the exception of Fran Fraschilla, analysts will simply refer to a team’s “rebounding” either qualitatively or quantitatively, which often is misleading. These are two distinct, albeit related, skills. Offensive rebounding requires individual effort. Defensive rebounding is more team oriented. Florida is a great defensive rebounding team. They are not a great rebounding team - they are less than great on the offensive end. (Ken Pomeroy)
Opinion encountered in the Ken Pomeroy Blog


from the eBA Forum 

03/02/07: Question: "Player is dribbling down the side of the court. During the dribble, he stops touching the ball and allows the ball to bounce a couple of times inbounds parallel to the sideline, as his right foot goes out of bounds a few times. He gets back inbounds and takes control of the ball again and continues the dribble. Is the call out of bounds, even if he did not have control of the ball while his foot was out ? If positive, which is the stats register ?"
( posted by peter_ball )

Answer: He's out. The key is that he still did have player control because he was dribbling. If there is a situation where the player had touched the ball but did not have control he may go out and return to be the first to touch it or get control. In the play you described there was no loss of player control.
eBA Statistical Register:
Unforced Turnover if the player was not forced to go out of bounds; and
Forced Turnover if the defensive pressure of an opponent forced the player out of bounds.

More Statistics Questions & Answers: Go to eBA Forum



Great Basketball Pictures
Photograph: Ah Kwong - blog.ahkwong

from Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
the Basketball beautiful faces.

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