Statistics: A Spectator Sport
Estadistica Elemental: Lo Esencial


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Statistics: A Spectator Sport by Richard M. Jaeger
Statistics: A Spectator Sport
By: Richard M. Jaeger

Jaeger's book is the standard bearer to the "Statistical Revolution."
That is, Statistics made fun and easy.

The drudgery of laboring over ponderous Statistics books is gone!

Jaeger's book is an absolute must for those people who simply want to understand statistics; as they appear in various business and government reports, polls, and professional research papers.

Jaeger proves that you don't have to fill your head with a bunch of equations and Greek letters to understand and appreciate the beauty of statistics.

In reality, as Richard M. Jaeger so expertly points out, Statistics is a straight forward subject that has been misused, abused, and poorly taught throughout the ages.

This book does not teach you how to compute statistics. Why should it?

Any electronic spreadsheet worth its salt can calculate the most cumbersome of equations with a single key stroke! Therefore, unlike other books on statistics, this book contains absolutely no equations and a minimum of Greek letters.

This book's primary focus is on teaching the "user" of statistical information what statistics are, what they mean, and how to use and interpret them appropriately.

The first six chapters in this book focus on descriptive statistics -- such as the measures of central tendency, graphical and tabular presentation of data, disbursement of data about the mean (standard deviation and range), and other similar topics.

Chapters 7 through 14 discuss inferential statistics -- such as analysis of variance and hypothesis testing. Chapter 15 addresses advanced topics, such as regression models and forecasting.

If you want to be a "producer" of statistics, then this is not the book for you -- look elsewhere! However, if you are in a position where you are presented statistical data to help you make an informed decision, then; by all means, buy this book immediately.

Statistics: A Spectator Sport is ideal for managers in private industry and government agencies who live and die by statistical data -- such as people supervising production, training, quality control, or a method improvement / efficiency cell.

This book is also good for military leaders to help them understand and discuss the statistics presented in readiness issues, mobilization topics, and unit readiness.

I strongly recommend this book. As a matter of fact, this book will make great reading to accompany the Standard Deviants tapes on statistics.

"... After reading Statistics: A Spectator Sport you will never look at statistical data quite the same way again. You will become an "abuser" of statistics worst nightmare -- someone knowledgeable enough to understand and challenge his data.

Excellent book. . . .Well worth the price! ..."
Elaine R. Kersten

• Author: Richard M. Jaeger
• Formats: Book
• Book Edition Number of Pages: 416 ~ 8.5 x 5.4 x 1.1 inches
• Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
• Book Edition Binding: Paperback
• Book Edition Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds
• Language: English

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Estadistica Elemental: Lo Esencial Por Robert Johnson y Patricia Kuby
Estadistica Elemental: Lo Esencial
Por Robert Johnson y Patricia Kuby

Robert R. Johnson y Patricia Kuby, dos de los más respetados profesores de estadística, crearon el concepto de "lo esencial", pensando en un enfoque muy práctico de la estadística; y no sólo eso, también está diseñado para el estudiante que no tiene una amplia base de estudios matemáticos.

Para esto, los autores presentan todo el tiempo
una clara relación entre los conceptos estudiados y las experiencias cotidianas en el mundo de hoy.


Parte 1: Estadística descriptiva. 1. Estadística 2. Análisis descriptivo y presentación de datos de una sola variable 3. Análisis descriptivo y representación de datos de dos variables.

Parte 2: Probabilidad 4. Probabilidad 5. Distribuciones de probabilidad (variables discretas) 6. Distribuciones de probabilidad normales 7. Variabilidad de la muestra.

Parte 3: Estadística inferencial 8. Introducción a las inferencias estadísticas 9. Inferencias que involucran una población 10. Inferencias que involucran dos poblaciones 11. Aplicaciones de Ji-cuadrada.

Apéndice A. Principios básicos de conteo.
Apéndice B. Tablas.

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